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  • GREASE GUN 12632

Standard grease gun, HHFP
with ZBH, connection G 1/8''

Item number: 12 632 125
EAN: 4103810127328
Discount group: A

Technical data
Grease gun connection, pressure-side: G 1/8''
Capacity (cm3): 500 cm3
Refilling options: 400 g grease cartridge, DIN 1284, or bulk grease
Diameter of grease piston (mm): 8 mm
Actuation grease piston: manually lever operated
Delivery rate/stroke (cm3): 1,2, at a counter-pressure of 400 bar
Discharge pressure (bar): up to 400 bar
Burst pressure system (bar): 850 bar
Burst pressure grease gun head (bar): 1200 bar
Operation of plunger rod: with L-design handle
Sealing cover: loose
Wall thickness of grease gun tube(mm): 1,0 mm
Lacquering: silver
Package: polybag, printed, with Bar code
Dimensions packaging LxWxH (mm): 380 x 125 x 70
Weight including package (kg): 1,25 kg

● With 1 spout, angled, G 1/8'', 150 mm
● With 1 coupler, 4 jaws G 1/8''

● Operates with greases up to NLGI grade 2.
● plunger with exactly fitting when using bulk grease or cartridge
● acc. to DIN 1283
● Pump piston with high accuracy of fit to the cylinder (no dummy apparent lubrication)
● Performance unchanged after 5000 actuating cycles
● Grease gun head, zinc die casting Z 410
● sure grip handling due to deep band knurls
● safe handle on the plunger rod
● Slip resistant handle on grease gun lever
● Plunger rod clamp on end cap enables manual pressure to be applied to spring to compress bulk grease, or to force in the plunger in damaged cartridges.
● Low effort required for lubrication due to optimum lever efficiency
● High-speed ventilation, by half a rotation of the grease gun tube

Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 400 x 360 x 145
Weight (kg): 13,2
Packing unit: 10.0

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