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Cost-effective environmental protection and therefore ways to be able to reduce energy and costs by simple means can be achieved quickly and easily. It should be an objective to operate existing power drives in a more cost-effective manner, and in doing so, implementing every single suggestion immediately can have a very positive impact on the environment. The effective performance is increased and moreover, the total cost of drives with OPTIBELT belts and pulleys will result in being understandable.

The implementation to reduce costs and energy can take place quickly and easily using simple means, such as technical devices. The wide range of OPTIBELT service has been expanded a step further. The practical SERVICE KIT contains numerous technical devices, with which an array of optimisation measures can be carried out on existing drives. 

In detail, the Service KIT contains the following aids:

  • optibelt Service Box: with a selection of useful aids for quick on-site help.
  • optibelt laser pointer II: for correct pulley alignment
  • optibelt Tension Notebox: for long-term documentation of tension values at the respective drive
  • optibelt TT MINI S frequency meter: for simple measurement of the optimal belt tension

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