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The optibelt laser pointer II facilitates the alignment of belt drives. The belt pulleys are aligned to each other via the front and/or the lateral surfaces. This professional handling will improve the operation of the belt and prolong its service life considerably.

1. Easy application for belt drives
2. Laser power < 5 mW
3. Exactly aligned line projection
4. Measurement of parallel and angular misalignment
5. Higher operational safety of the drives
6. Time-saving and exact measuring method
7. User-friendly application

Alignment of the Belt Pulleys
Affix 3 target magnets to the front side of the belt pulleys at approximately 0º, 90º and 270º. Affix the optibelt laser pointer II to the front side of the counter pulley; use a magnetic disc, if necessary. (Attention: Difference in laser lines.).

Turn on the optibelt laser pointer II and direct it at the target magnets. Use strong, double-sided adhesive tape in case of non-magnetic pulleys.

The exact alignment of the drive (horizontally and vertically) is achieved, if all target magnets show the laser beam at exactly the same marking.

Align and check the drive again, if necessary.

• Time-saving and exact measuring method
• Fast and easy application
• Optimised operational safety
• Higher precision by means of a stronger laser beam
• Made in Germany

  Technical Data

Laser Class II M EN 60825-1
Output Power < 5 mW
Wavelength of the Laser 635 nm
Measuring Accuracy < 0,5 mrad level parallelity to the magnetic surface
Housing Brass, zinc coated
Power Supply 1,5 V AA battery cell

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