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  • Optibelt TT mini

Beltco is the supplier of the new frequency tension tester - Optibelt TT mini

The newly developed Optibelt TT mini frequency tension tester
is used to check the tension of drive belts by measuring their
frequency of vibration. Due to its compact design, it offers universal
application possibilities for drives in engineering, in the car industry
and for many other technical applications.

Even in places that are difficult to access, the TT mini can be used
without difficulty so that the V-belts, ribbed belts and timing belts
can be checked for their tension values simply and quickly.

In addition, the TT mini offers further advantages:

· indication in Hertz [Hz]
· large measuring range from 10-600 Hz
· simple and repeat measurement accuracy
· compact dimensions
· automatic switch-off function
· exact works calibration and CE certification

After switching on, the device is immediately ready for data collection.
After the tensioned belt has been set vibrating by flicking it with a finger
or hitting it with something, the measuring head must be held over
the vibrating belt span. The TT mini starts the data collection and indicates
the result in Hertz (HZ). The condition, colour and kind of the belt do not
have any influence on the measuring as an acoustic measuring principle
has been taken as a basis. The tension recommendations can be taken
from the Optibelt default values and/or the CAP calculation.

The Optibelt TT mini:
The guarantor of a long service life of your V-belts, ribbed belts and
timing belts!

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Optibelt TT mini

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